I love the idea of bringing inanimate objects to life. This is why I am a freelance animator by day and Puppet and craft maker by night. I currently do stop motion cutout animation, claymation, 2d computer animations. I mostly use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects to do my animation. My skills include- Character animation, 2d design and storyboarding, green screen effects, lighting and rendering.

Other than animating, I spend my time making cutout books and collages with different objects and paper.

16 thoughts on “About

  1. I have to learn making animation video from my photos, for some topics pictures need to be arranged to a movie. My first plan would be a video of the duel between two ice swords like here: http://adabrowka.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/118duel-d-kwp.jpg?w=1280&h=1962
    I have more than one hundred photos of this crossing swords, from different angles, if you managed to put all of them one after another with their crossing point in the center of the frame, it would make a great movie.

  2. Oh what joy this brings me. Unleashes the child hidden deep within and I start clapping my hands and twirling about. Wonderful to see a discover a different type of talent. Thanks for visiting my very first Weekly Photo Challenge and the listing, it’s greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Charly,
      I am glad you like my work. I am exploring different aspects of my creativity, looking for the best fit. I really enjoyed your photographs and am looking forward to seeing more from you on the challenges to come. Good luck with the future!

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