Disappointed- Children’s book Illustration

Illustration for childrens book. Practical guide, teaching children to deal with negative emotions.

In this story Abbey is supposed go camping on her birthday and is very excited about it. However, on the day of her birthday it starts to rain and the trip gets canceled. Abbey is disappointed. So her daddy teaches her how to make do with what she’s got by building her a tent indoors. As she goes to sleep in the tent she finally knows how to use what she’s got to deal with negative emotions.

I think this is a great initiative by the people who are making this book.

Cover-Page                                                                   girl-in-class-room--2

Cover Page                                                                                                     Abbey day dreaming about her camping trip

parents-wish                                                                  GIRLlooking-out-the-window

Mommy and Daddy wish Abbey. They are all ready for the trip.                    Camping trip cancelled because of the rain.

Abbeys-birthday-wish                                                                 camping-indoors

Abbey cuts her birthday cake but still feels disappointed.                            Daddy teaches Abbey to make do with what she’s got.


Going to bed content.


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